Commercial Real Estate 




     SoMo (South Monroe) Walls project aims to bring Murals and Entertainment to Tallahassee’s up-and-coming SoMo District with Retail and Restaurant options. Inspired by Arts and Entertainment districts around the world (Miami, Berlin, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Valparaiso, etc.) SoMo Walls is getting ready to welcome local and visiting artists to display their work for Tallahassee community, and increase community involvement within Tallahassee’s Urban Core. Designed to become a major local destination, SoMo Walls Development is a product of modern urban revitalization models, offering 18-hour entertainment for families and young professionals.

The project will serve as an extension of the existing art walk culture peppered throughout downtown Tallahassee by creating an arts and entertainment destination for people to explore just beyond the pedestrian-friendly Cascades Park. By blending artistic expression, environmental design and the redevelopment of existing buildings, SoMo Walls will create a hub of activity easily accessible throughout the day for residents and visitors alike. Initially, SoMo Walls will host 15 rotating wall canvases nestled among 33,000 square feet of commercial activity including multiple dining options, retail, service and office space. 

COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT IN MARIANNA, FLORIDA: Family Dollar/Brother’s Fashion Shopping Plaza.  It is located at 4506 Lafayette Street, north east corner of Noland Street and Highway 90.  In the first phase of the construction, Demirel International constructed a brand new, 8,320 SF Family Dollar Prototype store, next to the existing Family Dollar store #433.


PHASE 2: RENOVATIONS. Applying major upgrades to the foundation, installing brand new Roof, HVAC, Electric Systems, Insulation and Flooring, we have prepared the existing retail store to become brand new “Brothers Beauty & Fashion” in downtown Marianna, with the sales floor of 8,000 SF.