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Experience & Network



Demirel International combines both experience and network when it comes to conducting International Business. Over 12 years of business activities created opportunities for us to connect and partner with companies and professionals in the United States, China and Turkey. Our network provides high efficiency and dependability.​​

Demirel International is a group of businesses owned and operated by different members of Demirel Family. Wholesale and Retail operations in Turkey, Retail and Real Estate operations in the United States and manufacturing operations in China are separate entities, creating a network for different investment opportunities.

In 21st century, it is almost impossible to stay away from Chinese or South East Asian manufacturers in Wholesale, Retail, Hospitality or Entertainment businesses. Our main mission is to reduce cost and increase quality of the products we are offering to our wholesale and retail customers.

On Wholesale and Manufacturing side, our biggest advantage is to see and analyze the trends and overall demand with our retail locations. Based on customer interest, we offer brand new designs to retail owners and revise existing designs to respond customer needs.

For Hospitality and Entertainment businesses, our network in China allows our customers to take advantage of low cost furniture and interior design items. In our recent experiences, we were able to see major decrease in cost for renovation projects or for new investments. Focusing on better return on investments, Demirel International and it's partners used oversea manufacturing as a key component for all Wholesale and Real Estate ventures they have involved in.   

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