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WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that Demirel International completed necessary steps to import organic food products, certified by FDA and USDA, to the United States through our newly established brand: Truva Organics. Initially focus will be on Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil. 

The name Truva, known as “Troy” or “Troia” in Greek, comes from the mythological city attacked in the Trojan War, part of a popular story from ancient Greece. Today, Truva is located on the northwest coast of Turkey, and is surrounded by olive tree farmers who inherited naturally-grown, organic olive trees from their ancestors. For centuries, the combination of climate, soil and geological conditions of the Aegean coastline created a natural home for olive trees. We are committed to continuing that tradition by offering our oil from biological, mechanical and cultural practices that promote ecological balance and conservation of biodiversity.

For more information, visit Truva Organics website.

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